Visit Perfume Pagoda when Holiday to Vietnam

Visit Perfume Pagoda when Holiday to Vietnam

Vietnam is land of mystery with everything in one country that attracts travelers with different traveling style; there are beach with luxury resorts, highlands with great scenery, ancient and history, UNESCO heritage sites and natural wonders such as Halong Bay that makes Vietnam an Ideal destination for a perfect vacation. A holiday to Vietnam from the starting point of view could be include a visit to all above, that’s pretty much depend on how long are you going to stay in this charming country, however, one of the best and must see day trips from Hanoi would be a trip to Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong) that is situated in My Duc district approximately 70 km south-west of Hanoi, to get there, travelers must cross Ha Dong, then Van Dinh, to reach Ben Duc Wharf. From there, a boat trip takes for a scenic 3km ride on the Yen Vy Stream.

The landscape displays high mountains, deep forests and streams that harmoniously intermingle with the rice fields. Huong Tich Grotto is the most beautiful and famous of the grottoes in the area. It was discovered more than 2,000 years ago. When Lord Trinh Sam visited the grotto in the 18th century, he wrote five Chinese characters on the entrance in the calligraphy: Nam Thien De Nhat Dong, meaning “the most beautiful grotto under the southern skies”. In the middle of grotto is the statue of Bodhisattva Quan Am. Surrounding the statue are stalagmite resembling golden trees, silver trees, cocoons, hillocks, and a group of nine dragons.

Visit Perfume Pagoda when Holiday to Vietnam

Many tourists including locals take this when holiday to Vietnam to visit the perfume pagoda to implore Buddha for happiness and good luck, as well as to immerse themselves in the beauties of nature. The perfume pagoda festivals begin after the New Year’s festivities and lasts until the 3rd lunar month. During that period, between three and four hundred thousand people, from children to 60 and 70 year old pilgrims, visit the Perfume pagoda.

Beside that there will be a lot more options to glimpse into the real culture and life-style of Vietnamese with different holiday packages that could be planned for your stay in this amazing destination. Some traveler go for a long break and visit country’s must see attraction while some choose day trips to explore what they find attractive.

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