South Central Coast for a Luxury Vietnam Vacation

South Central Coast for a Luxury Vietnam Vacation

The Six coastal provinces of South-Central Vietnam are all surrounded by the imposing Truong Son Mountains on one sides and the east sea on the other. The coast features many ports and beautiful beaches, such as Qui Nhon, Ninh Chu, and Sa Huynh. Offshore there are also numerous islands of various sizes. Many short but beautiful rivers run through provinces and there are a lot of hot water springs. South central Vietnam, more specifically Binh Dinh province and Tam Quan district, is filled with coconut plantations.

South Central region possesses large options for a luxury Vietnam vacation due to the harmonious mingling of the sea and the mountains. But is also possesses a fascinating history since south central Vietnam was one the first areas in Vietnam to be populated. The archaeological site in Sa Huynh shows that civilization began developing in this area during the Iron age, then came to Cham whose kingdom reached its height between the 11th to 13th centuries. Valuable exceptional Cham civilization can still be seen in the whole region. Visitors can visit Chau Sa citadel and Cham Towers, such as Po Nagar, Pi Klong Garai and Prome. Cham Sculptural works, such as Statues of spirits, kings, queens and dancers, demonstrate the skilful techniques and eminence in caving strong and imaginative ornamental designs.

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Sa Huynh Beach

This beautiful beach can be reached from Hanoi by car and or by train. Visitors can also travel by ship from Hai Phong or Ho Chi Minh City. The beach lies close to National Highway 1, in Pho Thanh Commune, Duc Pho District, 60km south of Quang Ngai City, making it an ideal location for a great Vietnam vacation. There are now some luxury beach front villas and hotels to provide travelers with a place to stay and relax by the sea for a day or two before continuing their journey, however, it is a beautiful beach with clear azure water, golden sand and pine trees, from here visitors can go on excursions to Liet Son lake and the nearby mountains, which are home to a great number of monkeys.

My Khe Beach

This is for sure one of the most beautiful beaches in central Vietnam; it is approximately 8km long and has fine white powdery sand, gently waves. Close to swimming beach and along the coast is the poplars forest with the age of 25-30 years creating a green space of hundreds hectares running along the internal tourist area with the direction of South-North.

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