Visit Ba Be National Park in your Vietnam vacation

Visit Ba Be National Park in your Vietnam vacation

Traveling along national highway 3 from Hanoi through Thai Nguyen Province to Bac Kan town, the some 65 km further to the north past to the town of Ra Market, you will reach Ba Be Lake which is the largest natural lake in the north of Vietnam. It stretches in between mountains of limestone and schist containing hidden caverns and underground streams. The lake is 8 km long, 3km wide and from 20 to 30 meters deep and it contains two islands, and one of them is called An Ma Island because it looks like a horse riding in the water. This unique landscape and peaceful waters provide a natural attraction that all visitors can include it to their Vietnam vacation packages

Ba Be national park is one of the most valuable natural resources in the north of Vietnam that covers a vast area including Nam Mau commune and a part of three communes of Khang Ninh, Cao Thuong and Cao Tri.

Puong Cave located on the Nang River, 5 km from the town of Ba Be, was created by the rivers current as it flowed next to the base of the Lung Nham Mountains, which are a chain of Limestone Mountains; the cave is about 200m long, with an average height of 30 meter. Sailing on a dim light of the cave on a small boat, you can see various strange stalactites at the entrance; thousands of bats live inside also.

Visit Ba Be National Park in your Vietnam vacation

Dau Dang waterfall is located where the Nang River enters Tuyen Quang Province. It flows for 2km where the Nang River is blocked by various sized stones slopping for nearly 500m. The pleasant look of the waterfall and the primitive nature of the forest are extremely impressive. Furthermore, there is a special rare and valuable species of fish called Ca Chien living in the river, some of these fish weight over 10kg, however, Dau Dang waterfall is 16km from Ba Be Lake and it will be a good nature exploration as this already added to some of the Vietnam vacation packages one could find online.

Room waterfall lies in Qun Thuan commune just 8 km from the Bac Kan city among natural scenery of rivers, rocks, and forests, room waterfall is located where the Cau River is blocked by a kilometers long mass of rocks.

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