Travel to Vietnam_the best detinations for traveling in October

October with cool weather of autumn is an ideal time for those who want to travel to Vietnam with friends or family. Along the regions of the country there are many attractive destinations.
Let’s choose a best destination for traveling to Vietnam in October for you!

Hanoi in the autumn sunlight

Every season in Hanoi is really beautiful but if you are not

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

accustomed to the cold winter and the hot summer, the cool air that brings to Hanoi the romantic atmosphere will be selected time.
You are able to enjoy the autumn, walk on Hoang Dieu street, Phan Dinh Phung street or sit on a cyclo going along the Thanh nien street slowly and watch peaceful Westlake in an autumn afternoon. The Old Quarter in this season is also quieter and more graceful. Renowned destinations as the Sword Lake, Temple of Literature, Quang Ba night flower market always attract guests. You also do not miss the common and delicious food of the Hanoi with beam ripe crocodile, drifting bread, or nuggets …

Ha Giang – endless flower season

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

To refer to Ha Giang in October is to refer to the triangular wild flower fields covering all the area with pink. The stone highland is the most beautiful in middle to the late of October. From Hanoi, you are able to go to Ha Giang by bus or motorbike and explore the roads of Dong Van – Vice Table – Meo Vac, Xin Man – Hoang Su Phi … to find your own experiences. Terraces, triangular flower fields, the stone fence … or anything in Ha Giang can also be attractive to you.

Dalat- four seasons in one day

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

In the late of October, the hillsides in Dalat are decorated by brilliant flower colors. Sometimes the atmosphere is a little chilly, foggy; sometimes there is little sunshine that will bring the exciting experiences in this highland city. In the evening, you will need a cup of coffee to warm up because of the cold air, or you are able to walk around Dalat night markets to feel the tourism atmosphere.

If you have more time, from Dalat, along Don Duong and Duc Trong road, you will be immersed in the hills of yellow wild sunflowers.

Ninh Thuan – the Kate festival

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

Ninh Thuan with sea, sand dunes, unique Champa architectures and unique festival will make you want to stay longer. You can visit the Po Klaong Garai Tower, or Tower of Po Rome or Bau Truc pottery village and Kate festival – the big and important festival of the Cham Brahmin religious that places in Cham temples and villages.

If you want to sail in autumn, the wild Ninh Chu Beach or beautiful Ca Na in the evening will be the destinations not to be missed.

The West region- the floating season

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

Mid-September is the flooding season of and October will be appropriated to explore interesting travel with a lot of choices, depending on visiting time.
Tram Chim National Park (Dong Thap) is the vast space between the water, sky and flora and fauna. Hong Ngu region and Thuong Thoi Tien paint a beautiful picture of wool season.
You can go to An Giang, visit Tra Su cajeput forests, surf on waves, turning green duckweed layer to feel the beauty of the wetlands of the Hau River.
Western specialties will make you enjoy: grilled-in-roller hamsters, grilled fishes, lotus leaf rice…

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