Within 15 years, DaNang has become one of the attractive tourist destinations in the world. Danang is differentiated Not only by the dreamy white sand beaches, endless blue of sky and sea, the friendly people, but also by artifices.
Let’s travel to Vietnam and discover interesting things in Danang!

1. Han River Swing bridge

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

The first project can not be failed to mention is the swing bridge crossing the Han River.
The bridge across the Han river not only brings modern beauty, marked the development but also embodies the primal memories of the people of DaNang about the hard times of the small city after separating from Quang Nam – DaNang.
Every day, at about 1 pm, the middle section of the bridge turns 90 degrees around the axis and is located along the flow of the river, paving the way for large ships to pass through. About 4 am the bridge will return to the origin.
Today, Da Nang is also dubbed the “city of the bridges”. Danang is more beautiful at night. You can find overnight stop for once enjoying the transformation of the first swing bridge in Vietnam.

2. Dragon bridge

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

Danang Dragon Bridge is the 7th bridge across the River Han. Because of the dragon shape, the bridge is named Dragon Bridge.
Recently, the site Viralnova was voted out 30 the most impressive and beautiful bridges on the world. There are not only classic bridges, tiny, petite but also large bridges with modern design that make anyone admired and impressed when setting foot over there!
And Dragon Bridge Danang, Vietnam has been named at number 19 because of the modern beauty and the ability to breathe fire, water at 9pm on every Saturday and Sunday.

3. Love bridge

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

You can find a real “Love bridge” in asia when you traveling to Danang, Vietnam.
Love bridge Dragon bridge lies at the beginning of Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang. It also was built built as a marina. People can go to bridge without buying a ticket. The bridge is 68 m long, 6 m wide, towards the middle of the river that makes plenty of space to admire the beauty of the two banks of the Han River. In the evening, hundreds of heart-shaped red lanterns are lighted up that makes a dreamy picture.

4. Pigeons park

Travel to Vietnam
Travel to Vietnam

The Pigeons Park was built in the wide-open position, pointing straight to Hoang Sa Islands, and the Hoang Sa – Truong Sa Road.
On the pavement, between the rows of trees, you can enjoy the fresh air and watch the immense sea and relax. All troubles and worries of life are quickly dispelled, the work pressure evaporates.
Peace bird garden was formed from 3/2009, with the care, education, and protection of local people, visitors the number of birds has increased to more than 1,050 members. Image of the birds spreading swings, flying throughout the space coast create a peaceful landmark in the heart of the dynamic city.

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