Travel to Vietnam- Ready to try Banh mi


Have you ever heard about “Banh mi”, pronounce Bang Mi, a type of Vietnamese sandwiches that you might try when in Vietnam? There are Vietnamese restaurant all over the world but they hardly offer this kind of Vietnamese Sandwich, well, if you ever tried it then you might be a lucky one, but “no”, don’t worry, prepare yourself and be ready to travel to Vietnam to discover both beauty and the food culture together.

Banh mi first appeared in the 60s when the French arrived and brought one of their common dishes to Vietnam, Vietnamese who are very creative changed it to the unique rustic dishes branded Vietnam. And just a few years ago, when the tours brought international ravelers to explore Vietnam culture, not only the professional chefs but also most casual travelers were attracted by the taste of the banh mi which is increasingly better known in the eyes of foreign tourists. In the 2015, Huffington Post magazine ranked Vietnamese banh mi as the top of the 20 best street foods in the world. More specifically, banh mi has different characteristics at every area in Vietnam. Come on, let’s travel to Vietnam and experience this wonderful delicacy together.

Hanoi – the first destination

Hanoi: Vietnam’s capital with more than a thousand years of history is one of the oldest cultural hubs in Vietnam. Besides “pho” ( the noodle soup), banh mi is also unique. No matter where you travel to Vietnam, you might try Banh mi almost at any corners whether in big or in smaller town.

Banh mi praised as the “the best in the world” by David York Farley, The BBC commendatory. The banh mi here includes deli-style pork, pate and veggies (carrots, cilantro, cucumber, etc), stuffed into a soft and crunchy French baguette. According to his description, the loaf is not too complicated; “ many things in here have a function: the pork floss soaks up the sauce, the pate adds moisture and the fact that the baguette is lightly toasted keeps it from getting soggy in this immense humidity.” Geoffrey Deetz – a chef and Vietnamese food expert who’s been living in the country for nearly 15 years. David York insisted: “What kind of pork and fresh herbs are stuffed in crispy loaf is the most wonderful sandwich”.

Travel to Vietnam- Ready to try Banh mi

Hoi An – the peaceful city to visit when traveling to Vietnam

Banh mi Hoi An is the first result you see when you search “The best banh mi in Vietnam” on Google. This dish captivates two well-known chefs, Anthony Bourdain (USA) and Cameron Stach (Canada). After enjoying, A Banh Mi Deluxe’, is how Anthony Bourdain’s friend described his scrumptious baguette. A loaf of bread includes pork thin grill slices, pork bologna or sausage, greasy liver pate, special sauce and basil vegetables, coriander, sweet and sour cucumber, scallions … Compared to many places , banh mi here is more brittle and stiff, but the flavor’s unforgettable charm.

Travel to vietnam - Ready to try Banh mi
Travel to Vietnam – Ready to try Banh mi

Nha trang – the next stop you shouldn’t pass when Travel to Vietnam

In 2013, Nha Trang sidewalk banh mi was selected by National Geographic magazine as one of the 11 best street foods in the world. In the article, it did not specify the address of the banh mi shop but includes only a photo of a typical banh mi shop in the city.  “Serving with a smile, a Vietnamese vendor taps a colonial legacy to create an irresistible street cuisine. Banh mi sandwiches, like these in Nha Trang, feature French baguettes filled with a tasty variety of meats and vegetables. They are eagerly consumed across Vietnam, especially for breakfast or lunch,” National Geographic wrote. The internal consists of pork bologna, sliced bacon and slightly pungent sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, sauce, lard and onion. This main sauce makes the unique and delicious taste.

Travel to Vietnam- Ready to try Banh mi
Travel to Vietnam- Ready to try Banh mi

Saigon – not the final destination

Condé Nast Traveler, an American travel magazine, chose grilled bread and meat on the sidewalk of Nguyen Trai Street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) as one of the 12 most attractive street foods in the world. “The street food chefs are amazing, just with the stroller and a coal furnace or oil pan, they have created a great dish”, he wrote.

Unlike the three places above, the internal of banh mi here contains kebabs, cucumber, coriander, pickles and hoisin sauce, the common spices in Saigon. Lemongrass scented kebabs tastes light sweet. The sauce helps combine all the components into the harmonious flavors.

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